Quality Management

TİHİ TEKS, Research Developement team develops new and low cost products using the latest technology equipments. Quality studies for customer satisfaction are continuously made and the quality level of each product produced is kept at the highest level and analyzed and recorded.


TİHİ TEKS produces quality management system in accordance with the process approach and OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 requirements and continuously develops in the continuous improvement cycle. We believe that it is wrong to mention acceptable error rates, we constantly monitor machine and process capabilities to achieve "zero error", continually make improvements to improve our competencies, and new projects are being revealed.

Our Quality Policy

  • To give our customers what they want in terms of Quality + Cost + Delivery on time with appropriate production,
  • To ensure that the costs are kept at the lowest levels without compromising the quality of the customers' needs,
  • To help our suppliers develop quality management systems,
  • To keep the team spirit in the forefront, the responsibility of the individual is not limited only to his/her own work, to spread the team work among everybody who interferes with problems,
  • To reach the process parameter targets in the Quality Management System and to carry out the improvement studies necessary to develop these targets,
  • As we reach our goals; taking every necessary precautions related to human and environmental health is included in the overall scope of our quality policy.